Monday, January 30, 2017

Talk on some good audiobooks

Here are the slides I will use for my talk today about audiobooks:




How intently?

Professional narration

Good audio prices

Convenient file format



ear or eye

Ear comes first biologically

Ear is more widespread in nature

"The Universal Sense" by Seth Horowitz

"Space Between Words" by Paul Saenger

Prof. Sue Slick, reading emeritus: more people can hear than can read well

Getting audio books

Libraries: public and academic here and elsewhere

McMillan Library in Rapids is impressive

Libraries are connected these days

Audiobooks are downloadable

OverDrive, Amazon,, Great Courses - all have apps, web sites

Library and purchase

Library can be free but possibly long waits

Get enough going and the wait is irrelevant


Best prices I have found: with annual membership

Also narrative on Amazon along with ebook

Attention and retention

I listen while driving
Some people have trouble doing that and I recommend going with what you can do safely
I find it convenient to have both the print and the audio versions
I like knowing I can check later

Amazon touts its Whispersync

The idea is that a user can move back and forth smoothly from listening to the same place in the writing
Doesn't work for me, since I have the service turned off
Could be handy but not for those who jump around, back and forth, as with notes at the end

Five good audiobooks

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

The Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry

The Demon Under the Microscope

Lab Girl

Outsmart Yourself

Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

16 hours for volume 1
by Stieg Larsson
There are two further volumes of the story
...Played with Fire
...Kicked the Hornet's Nest

Author died right after final volume

Another author took up the story

  The Girl in the Spider's Web

Unlikely Pilgrimage of Harold Fry

Ten hours
by Rachel Joyce, British TV writer
I consider it a masterpiece

Demon Under the Microscope

12 hours
by Thomas Hager
Gripping story of the development of anibiotics
Before them, death took more of us at random moments after small accidents and little cuts

Lab Girl

12 hours
by Prof. Hope Jahren, PhD, biologist
Real live woman in real live science
Life does not always go smoothly
•She is fluent in Norwegian

Outsmart Yourself

12.5 hours

by Prof. Peter Vishton, PhD

Up-to-date psych research

Great Course

Not to mention 'podcasts"
I haven't mentioned podcasts, sound-only files that function like audiobooks or recordings of radio broadcasts.
There are a great number that are free
Googled "Most popular podcasts" = 17.4 Million hits
NPR can lead you to many
Generally not content-focused

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