Monday, May 28, 2012


It seems that we are often slow.  We haven't watched "Dancing with the Stars" while the rest of the country is fully familiar with the personalities.  We haven't watched any of the reality shows.  Often when a show is good but well over its live period, we get interested in it in rerun format.

The availability of movies for streaming has made many more shows available and we do like having a choice.  We have only used Amazon and Netflix for movies.  We still get DVD's in the mail since many excellent movies are not available for streaming.  Last night, we watched "Joyeux Noel", an excellent film about a real historic time in WW I when troops stopped fighting in 1914 to celebrate Christmas.  That film isn't available on Netflix for streaming, but is on Amazon.

There is no difference between watching a movie on DVD and streaming it except that you don't need a disc to see a film on a computer if it is hooked to the internet and is available in streaming format.  If two or more people are to watch a movie or tv episode together, it is much nicer if the receiving computer in a movie streaming can be connected to a tv.  There are a variety of ways a computer can be connected to a tv.  My favorite technology coach says that the HDMI connections are best.  Many recently made tv's have a variety of connections on them.

The first series that really moved us into being fans was "Ballykissangel", about an Irish town by that name.  Its characters, stories, actors and settings are excellent and for us, somewhat addictive.  We watched all episodes in 6 seasons.  The next one that hooked us was "Foyle's War", about a police detective on the east coast of Britain, dealing with crimes during WW II and the imminent possible German invasion of Britain.  The early episodes of "Grey's Anatomy" have also been imaginative and memorable.

Several people, like us, have Roku players.  We got ours through the mail after seeing an ad for them on a Netflix envelope.  They are also sold by Wal-Mart and Radio Shack and probably others.  If you have a wireless signal in your house, the player acts like a specially devoted computer and streams movies very nicely.

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