Friday, May 25, 2012

What the eye doctor said

I have been wearing glasses since I was three years old, just about 70 years.  So, I have had many eye examinations and several ophthalmologists.  During my last eye examination, conducted with the same doctor I have been seeing for more than 5 years, I heard a comment I had never heard on a subject I had never thought about.  The doctor advised me to take time to attend the clinic's upcoming eye fashion show.  

I was very surprised.  Me?  Fashion?  I am not a fashion person.  I am not color-blind and have learned from a lifetime of living with an artist and color-fan to consider shades and hues and their harmony.  But basically, I have never learned to consider the extent of my beauty and its effect on my life.  My looks, often my whole self, gets omitted from my thoughts.  But since I respect the doctor and his ideas, I listened.

He told me that getting non-reflective lenses would allow people to see my eyes better and that seeing another's eyes is a fundamental part of trusting and liking and feeling close to another person.  All that sounded good.  I had seen what the local picture framer could do with non-reflective glass in art that hangs on a wall.  I went to the show.

The basic feature of the show was simply far more frames and frame styles on hand to try than the optical shop usually has.  The extra inventory was brought by a specialist in matching color and style to a face and body.  She looked at me, chose a frame and tried it on me.  She and the regular optician tried on several different frames but returned to the first ones.  I bought them.  So far, no one has exclaimed on my enhanced looks or said they found it easier to trust or like me.  What do you think?

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