Saturday, November 26, 2011

advice to the young

We used to tell the young, eons ago, not to venture into the forest alone or without a weapon.  There were lions and tigers in there, and through no fault of either party, the beasts were hoping to shred the bodies of the young and consume the tender parts.  These days, except for a recent episode in Ohio, there are few lions or tigers to worry about.  However, there are plenty of dangers and traps waiting to suck the life blood or eat the delicious muscles of the young adult.

As I look at haunted faces, body piercings, tattoos, ear buds and dumbfones, I feel I need to fill my role as a grumpy oldster and advise the young to listen to a different drummer, take the road through the wood (not the mall) to a destination less hyped.

Otis Blackwell's lyrics as sung by Elvis

You know I can be found,
Sitting home all alone,
If you can't come around,
At least please telephone.
Don't be cruel to a heart that's true.

Baby, if I made you mad
For something I might have said,
Please, let's forget the past,
The future looks bright ahead,
Don't be cruel to a heart that's true.

Kirby's derivative advise for the young caught in social and marketing traps

I know you can be found
Sitting with your phone
The ads they just surround
You're never left alone
Don't be cool for a heart that's fresh

Baby, if you feel on trial,
Want something to make you shine
Please try just a smile
Your future ahead looks fine
Don't be cool for a skin that's whole.

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