Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Grandma Tricksters

She is tall and dignified and speaks clearly.  She strikes me as the sort of grandmotherly woman who would insist I get my homework done but then afterwards give me a big slice of delicious apple pie.  So, being snookered, tricked, gamed by this lady not once, not twice but three solid times, I am a little embarrassed.  It isn't my fault.  She seems so honest, so straightforward, so reliable that she just couldn't be the sort of person who would elicit our sympathy, evoke tender concern for her and then reveal she was pulling our legs.

Some of us don't trust her much right now.  As soon as she seems to be honestly taking us into her confidence, our internal sirens go off.  When she admitted with some small pride that her name would appear next week on the cover of TV Guide, we didn't see it coming.  Her next sentence admitted that she was thinking of the address label that would be on her copy in the mail next week.

When she isn't pulling her confidence games on us, she leads us through some laugh sessions.  This afternoon, we heard jokes: little children jokes ("Spell PIG backwards and then say 'funny'), grade school jokes (Imagine you are in a ship sinking into shark-infested waters.  What do you do? Ans. Stop imagining.) through aging jokes, regional jokes and gender jokes.

If you travel in the Ozarks, be alert for her and her sister.  They always travel in a pair and are deceptive about their skills and plans.  One always serves as the backup and confederate of the other.  Try not to smile or fall under their spell.

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