Saturday, October 10, 2015

Kale is a healthy vegetable

The other morning, we were trying to have a healthy breakfast.  Lynn likes to make smoothies and that was what she planned that morning.  To make a smoothie good and healthy, we put a kale leaf in it.  It is fun to just step out to the garden and break off a big healthy leaf of kale. It is fun to have kale on hand so close.

It is easy to fix a kale salad quickly.  Strip the leaf of its central stalk by folding it along that stalk and pull the leafy part off the center.  Keep it scrunched up in your hand and deliver several chops to the scrunches with a good knife.  Chop again at right angles to the first cuts.  Salad is made!  But it is faster and easier still to just tear the leaf into bits and drop them into the blender.

It was a good breakfast.  At lunch, the menu Lynn was following called for white bean and kale soup.  I like kale and she put it all together quickly.  It was delicious as anything is when you are severely limiting your calories.

We went going out to dinner so that neither of us had to cook that night.  The restaurant has some excellent recipes and unusual dishes.  I like scallops and you can have them added to any salad.  Their special salad that night was kale and kimchi.  That was unusual and sounded both good and healthy.  I had that and their ice cream special for the night: basil chocolate chip and mango orange sherbet. (I did mention they have unusual dishes.)

The next morning, our restricted menu called for spinach and Swiss omelet but I like kale and we have it fresh and handy so Lynn substituted kale for the spinach.  It was good.

Looking back on our recent meals, you can see why we had peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch.  I like kale but I cooked green beans for dinner.  They are healthy, too, you know.

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