Friday, June 10, 2011

Wisconsin clothes

When I lived in Maryland, I heard once or twice about changeable weather.  But in Wisconsin, we get plenty of change, too.  Yesterday, it was 97° and right now, at 8:30 AM, it is 52 with a high of 68 predicted.  I think Wisconsin has changed my idea of what to keep handy in the way of clothing.  

A man I know conducts trips up Mt. Kilimanjaro and told me that from the base to the top of that single mountain, there are many climate changes.  It is tropical at the bottom with snow fields on the top.  Where I live, it has been unusual to have outside temperatures much above 90° but lately, more houses have air conditioning and more people use it.  Sometimes, air conditioning is set to be rather chilling, especially for someone who has built up a good sweat.  Lynn invited a workman in while she wrote a check but he declined.  It was too cold in our house.

It seems that older people may need more warmth and more warming clothes than when they were younger.  So, at times, one of us is chilly and needs a sweater while the other doesn't.

I have a rule not to travel without a sweater, no matter where I am going or what the temperature there is now.  Between unexpected changes and allowing for night temperatures, one never knows when an extra layer will be needed.  Since we are used to a fairly extreme range of warm and cool, we always know where our hats and gloves are.

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