Sunday, June 12, 2011

:Putting young writing talent to work

I often think that the better writers in high school and college classes are under-used.  In our world, we need good language, good writing, imaginative communication.  I hear from time to time of young people interested in making movies and I applaud that goal.  But in movies or books or most other human activities, the spirit or tone and the words chosen are very important, very basic.  They require imagination and sensitivity, both to what is and to what might be achieved.  Describing and discussing what might be achieved requires a skillful balance of realistic thought and inspiring words.

Some of this sort of work requires the highest level of political insight and is beyond the expected range of college and high school writers and communicators.  But, in certain areas and arenas, their skills might fill a void while enhancing their resumes.  I think physicians and psychologists, perhaps religious and other counselors, too, might assign a likely writer/observer to talk to and maybe shadow the patient/clients a bit.  The aim would be to get a handle on who the target person is, especially what she or he is, or does, that is not sufficiently recognized by the client as impressive, important, valuable, unique, interesting.  I believe that maybe a quarter to a third of adult citizens are notable in positive but unnoticed, uncelebrated ways.  

A good writing instructor, teacher of counselors or life-coach coach could spend a little time verifying the student's approach, tighten it or loosen it as required, and give the clients a portrait of themselves that might open new vistas on who they are, and what direction they might take their lives.

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