Thursday, June 10, 2010

Fwd: Sunlight Live: Financial Regulation

As society and humankind changes, we will sometimes need to change with it.  The subject of this email seems to me to relate to one of these times.

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From: Jake Brewer <>
Date: Thu, Jun 10, 2010 at 12:50 PM
Subject: Sunlight Live: Financial Regulation

Later today, a conference of both House and Senate representatives will discuss how to move forward with financial regulation in our country.
It's a big deal, and once again we're going to be covering it with our Sunlight Live program.
When we broadcast Sunlight Live during the health care debate, citizens and news outlets across the country called it a true game-changer for how political news is covered. Almost 50,000 people tuned in to participate during that debate, and we hope you'll join again as we dive in with financial reform. 

Our coverage will show live footage of the conference deliberations while displaying government data about the representatives as they speak. You won't just hear opinions from politicians while participating in Sunlight Live; you'll be part of a community engaging in a nationwide conversation on the issue - all while seeing real facts about who is influencing the leaders who decide the future of this issue. 
The conference will continue for 6-8 days over the next two weeks (picking up again next Tuesday), and we'll be there throughout. We hope you'll join us each day for as long as you can.
And don't just join yourself. Please invite others to do the same by sharing the link on Twitter, Facebook, or by simply forwarding this email.
Together, we're reinventing how politicians are held to account during important debates in this country.
Let's continue to show the world that when we get raw, unbiased information about our government, we know how to use it.
See you online, in real-time,

The Sunlight Team

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