Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Richer past than I thought

I like to write about what's happening.  Sometimes, it helps to sit with a blank piece of scrap paper on a clipboard and a pencil.  To avoid too much dilly-dallying, I try for five themes, five notes about what just happened or what I just noticed or what I just thought of.  Once I get five themes, it is time to pick one and start exploring and explaining to make a blog post.  Today, the one that seemed richest was "not finding notes and posts all that inspiring."  


I often found that I failed to consult notes I had made for a lecture.  I often thought I could remember them and could avoid the embarrassing moment when I look at my notes.  Then, after the talk was done, I might find I had skipped a good idea from pride or laziness.  I know that I have more than 2700 posts stored in the archives (accessible from the main blog page) but as is typical for me, I don't look at them.  Without looking, I usually just assume they won't be relevant and that what I can think of today for today will be better and more inspiring to write about.  


Wrong!  Quite wrong!  When I take the time to look at previous writings, I find good stuff well written. As a rough guide, I looked at today, the 24th, in three previous years.  Take a look and don't tell me these aren't memorable and helpful and funny and all.








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