Sunday, July 31, 2016

Modern words

I like to try to keep an eye on recent happenings and statements that seem odd to me.  I just read that a Japanese baseball player said that it meant something special to him that his first "Japan Night" in Yankee Stadium in California was held on his "bobblehead" night. I can imagine the conversation:
"How come you are in such a good mood, Honey?"
"I am just happy that my bobblehead night is being held on a Japan night."

Sure, sports is its own world and has its own language.  But bobbleheads are not just in sports. Bobbleheads deserve their own page:

When I look something up in Google Search, I often just start the phrase I want when the whole thing pops up in the suggested items.  I was surprised at how the caption in this cartoon stayed in my head.  I started to look it up one day and am still surprised that others have searched the same specialized item.  I thought that the caption on this cartoon that appeared in The New Yorker

stuck in my head only but since I find I can get a T-shirt of the cartoon, I can see that Charles Barsotti drew many cartoons and they did for others just what they did for me.  Made me laugh and put the nutty phrase "Fusilli, you crazy bastard, how are you?" deep in my head. Another conversation:
(They see each other in a bar and they are attracted and they both know it.)
After a few words, she says "What do you do?"
"I draw cartoons."
"Drawn anything I might know?"
"Well, I drew 'Fusilli, you crazy bastard'"

for nerds and further info, see this Trends page.  Be sure to scroll down the whole thing:

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