Thursday, May 23, 2013

Spring, joy and mosquitos

(I just got a phone call that my appointment in the local sleep center is moved up to tonight.  So, I will write a post now for release tomorrow.  It may be a bit later than usual.)

The woman called Byron Katie has helped many people, including herself, strip away false assumptions and limiting beliefs and face reality clearly.  In her book "Loving What Is", she writes:

Once, as I walked into the ladies' room at a restaurant near my home, a woman came out of the single stall. We smiled at each other, and, as I closed the door, she began to sing and wash her hands. "What a lovely voice!" I thought. Then, as I heard her leave, I noticed that the toilet seat was dripping wet. "How could anyone be so rude?" I thought. "And how did she manage to pee all over the seat? Was she standing on it?" Then it came to me that she was a man—a transvestite, singing falsetto in the women's restroom. It crossed my mind to go after her (him) and let him know what a mess he'd made. As I cleaned the toilet seat, I thought about everything I'd say to him. Then I flushed the toilet. The water shot up out of the bowl and flooded the seat. And I just stood there laughing.

Katie, Byron; Mitchell, Steven (2002-05-07). Loving What Is: Four Questions That Can Change Your Life (Kindle Locations 416-422). Crown Publishing Group. Kindle Edition.

We had a long winter.  It wasn't terribly fierce but it seemed as though it would go on forever.  We longed for spring.  We went on a trip for a couple of weeks.  We were just knocked out by the beauty, the green, the birds, the flowers when we returned.  So lovely!  So welcome!  What a wonderful time and place to be!

Then, it got a little too warm for us.  We have been assaulted by mosquitos several times lately.  First, it is too cold.  Then, it is nice and beautiful and green but bugs!  When will everything ever be just perfect?

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