Friday, February 21, 2020


We are experiencing deeper cold.  Most of the winter so far, the temperature has reached 20° F but yesterday was colder and more biting.  Last night, we reached 21 degrees below zero. It is difficult to separate the images of more severe cold that we can actually feel from the knowledge of negative numbers and scales and words in reports.

We can also say that we are in the winter of our lives.  A friend wrote yesterday that nothing much is of interest anymore.  Another friend sent me a copy of an accusatory email that Mom sent, saying that further relations between parent and grownup child were now impossible since the caretaker had stolen money from the parent.  This to Mom's main caretaker who worries and frets and accompanies and helps out! (And definitely doesn't steal Mom's funds.) Caretaking burdens and dementia and physical limits and boredom are all around.

The sun is blazing bright right now and reflects off the pure white snow.  In every direction, light blasts everything. In the midst of depression and lack of inspiration, we can search for something engaging, something that matters.  We can overlook friends, hungers, achievements, and steady habits that keep us going and advancing. The sunlight is a blessing, our appetites rouse us, our habits and housekeeping continue to drive us and actually satisfy us.

I wish you a good program, a good drink, a good joke, and the eyes and ears to enjoy them.                            

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