Wednesday, September 18, 2019

The Inn at the River

The Inn at the River is in Weston, WI, adjacent to Wausau.  The place struck a chord with Lynn as she looked for a place for us to stay.  We wanted a few days away to celebrate her 80th birthday. It didn't look that special to me but she has extra place-dar, a special genetic radar that locates good spots.  She can be over-busy with special baking, special pottery shows and other special events. A few days of over-busy and she is ready to redress with under-busy, nothing, even.  

She has a sharp eye and can be critical but this place hit all the right targets.  Recently opened, it only has three rooms for rent. The room included a nice tray, two sherry glass on it and a decanter of sherry.  Every thing had a rustic or woodsy theme and the place in on a bend in the Eau Claire river. The scenery is forest-y and outdoors and rustic.

The host and hostess were quite friendly as was Theo, their 5-month old dog.  I scratched and massaged his shoulders a bit. When I stopped too soon, he tapped my hand several times to let me know I should get back to it.

In our town, Mikey's and A-soshel are places we like.  We didn't realize that the Inn is very close to Tine and Cellar, owned by the same man and offering an even better menu that his others.  

We made do with a single night since they were booked for the next night by a wedding party.  Excellent place and Lynn promised to drag us back.

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