Saturday, October 24, 2015

Please sign in

The online companies want to have a close relation with me.  They want to send me updates and information about their fabulous bargains and hot gossip about the escapades of their employees.  But first would I mind signing in?  Just type in my logon, user name, phone number and ZIP code.  Then, type in the password for the account.  

Everybody these days wants a logon name and a password from me.  In case someone steals or guesses my password, my communication will be better protected if I would use two-step verification.  That is the process where they send a random number to my phone and I read the number and type it in when I sign on.  

See the problem is that my phone is secure, which means that I have to enter my phone logon and password into it for security.  But to have better security, I need to get a random number (for extra security, they send a number with 25 digits) to my email and I have to enter that number into the phone to get the random number to enter into my two step email verification.  I hope you can securely and fully grasp the high level of security I have.
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