Monday, October 19, 2015

Error day

My sister never got the e-book I sent.  Turns out she had changed email accounts but I hadn't noticed.  She and Amazon and I got it all straight.

Lynn called.  Please bring the big, black book.  It is the one on natural history.  It's on her side of the office.  Found our only book on natural history.  It is green and on the end section of the shelves, neither her side nor mine.

Found I had stained the front of my shirt with lunch juice.  Changed into a clean shirt and sprayed the stain.  The compost pail needed emptying.  Some onions stuck on the bottom when I dumped it in the bin.  Wrapped it sharply to dislodge the sticky skins.  Black deteriorating goo sprayed on my shirt.  Changed into a clean shirt and sprayed the stain.

Ok, guys, I'm ready for the next round.

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