Friday, October 17, 2014

Music as medicine

Music is a fine mood enhancer, works powerfully and has no unwanted side effects.  Just listen to Pavarotti or Maori Songs and see if you are not feeling great by the end. You can expect to find things brighter and better after some fine music.  You have a gray day, with clouds?  Listen to some good music, maybe a Strauss waltz, and you realize that gray is pretty.  You realize it is cozy inside and that it is a good day for inside activities.

The effect is like wine or a cocktail but there are no calories and no challenges for your liver.  Maybe you have your house, your computer, your bedroom or your car all set so that good music is ready to go.  Newer cars are built to receive a iPod Shuffle or Classic or other mp3 player.  Amazon is all set to play snippets of songs and individual tracks so you can hear what it sounds like before downloading.  

Not all classical music is great and I am sure that plenty of music being written today is wonderful.  Not long ago, on Garrison Keillor's talent show, I learned of Mamuse.  Two women sing beautiful harmony.  Their album All the Way is sufficiently hypnotic that Lynn doesn't want to hear it anymore.  It becomes an "earworm", one of those pieces of music that is hard to stop replaying in your head.  Don't overdose.

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