Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Busy day 1

I consider Monday, March 23 the first day of the COVID-19 time.  I know that my email has been full of coronavirus related items for a while.  But this town is much affected by the presence of our local University of Wisconsin branch and it had spring break last week.  Today would have been the first so-called "normal" day of resumed classes but, of course, it isn't because we are still hiding from a virus.  It is said to be invisible to the naked eye but it can make a person sick so we are trying to avoid contact with anyone who could transmit the little thing to us or leave it around where we might pick it up.  

We have heard the bug-like thing can survive for a while on surfaces.  As people try to enjoy fellowship and conversation over distances and by wire, the wires get busier.  Gamesters, pranksters and malovents try to make a buck or at least cause a problem with threats, confusion and dirty tricks.  Meanwhile, local merchants have found their normal stream of customers much diminished and yet those that do show up, buy much more of some items than usual, disrupting delivery schedules and predicted quantities.  

The virus is said to get a foothold before giving the host symptoms so people are capable of transmitting the beastie to others unknowingly.  Quite a few businesses are trying to activate a routine that allows transactions with less contact or proximity between people. I have heard that Amazon has had an effect on all retail but many small firms are casting an envious eye on the speed and familiarity that company has with online and distance customers.  

Truck drivers and health workers of all sorts are in demand.  Days ago, we saw a picture of an Italian health worker so exhausted from extended hours and unending demands that she fell asleep across her computer keyboard.  We will certainly see more of that closer to home.

The word is that China is already past the peak of infections but that the emergency social impetus to be isolated is still active there.

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