Monday, December 9, 2019

Computer instead of phone

Some days, I don't know what I want to write about and it takes 4-ever to decide.  Some days, I have too many good ideas and I don't want to take all day to write about them all.  Today, I am ignoring 7 (count 'em!) good ideas in favor of one I have been wanting to emphasize.

Use smartphone apps or pocket notes or ask your mother to remind you of things you want to do with your phone but wait….waid….wait…. until you have time and are at your computer to do them.  

It is true that more and more sites and services on the internet are "optimized" [put in the best condition the designers can arrange] for phone use.  But, BUT, BUT it is nevertheless true that the computer is more powerful, more agile, allows for more getting done in less time and easier.  It sure is possible that the layout and logic of an app (small, quick little "application" or program) on the phone is something you like better than what happens when you use a computer.  It is also possible that after spending $999.39 for the phone and anticipating an unending series of monthly bills of $95.17 to keep it working, you don't have and can't afford a computer.  

Still, visit your local Wal-Mart or online store and see what they have.  Appleworks consisted on a word processor, a spreadsheet and a database. Microsoft Office still exists and it is nearly the same set of typing, math and information handling items.  Open Office and several cousins have about the same components but for the millions using Gmail and Google products, those same choices are available instantly without any downloading.  Google Docs, Sheets, Slides (like Powerpoint) and drawing

Original drawing by me, free for you.  I drew this wonder in Google Drawing, copied it in Microsoft Draw, cropped it and pasted it on this page of the blog hosted in Google's Blogger.

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