Thursday, October 24, 2019

Here is what to worry about today

There is too much to worry about. You can't get it all done in a day and the next day brings more.  Besides you have other things to think about and quite a bit to enjoy, not to mention savouring, appreciating, remembering and communicating.  Studies show, or they should, that getting in at least basic S.A.R.C. (savouring, appreciating, remembering, communicating) is fundamental to living a good life and to helping those you love and those you care for, have a good life, too.  

Your inbox may be like mine: 3 or 4 messages on riots, volcanic eruptions, warfare, crimes and heartbreak for every personal message written by someone you know.  You may realize that we are born with nervous systems basically designed to keep us alive, at least long enough to create offspring and raise the springs to sexual maturity.  The design doesn't always work but it usually does. See the current human numbers worldwide.  

What with electronic communication, professional newshounds can sniff out tragedies and ominous possibilities in great numbers.  Customs, good manners and basic common sense still forestall or deflect some of the more shocking possibilities but as the fights for attention, readership, followers, and likes continue, we need new tools to conserve our worry powers and expenditures.  I get a CNN newsletter, which like Apple news, tries to find five points that stand out in surveying current knowledge of the world. But, I also get Brookings, Google News, Teachers College Columbia, BBC News, Num Lock News, Significant Digits. Multiple messages from Amazon come each day, e-books and paper books of course, but also for women's clothing and items either of us can re-order.  

There are many people I care about and I wish all humanity well, even if I am confident that someone is going to be rushed to the emergency room, have an insurance claim, break a loved plate or have some other unpleasantness drop into their life. Let's agree: check my blog and if I haven't mentioned anything to worry about, don't worry beyond figuring out what is for dinner.

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