Tuesday, May 8, 2018

First, 2nd and 3rd

I started my blog Fear, Fun and Filoz on March 29, 2008.  Including this post, I have 3,160 posts. It has been more than 10 years that I have been writing and I wonder what I said.  I can't read them all again. The company Blog2Print will make a paper book of a blog's posts but their website will not accept so many posts.  The blog is too big.

The Blogger service by Google includes settings for the blog.  One of the setting is about individual posts and how many times they have been viewed.  However, that setting only goes back as far as 2010. That setting says that the post entitled "?" has been viewed more times than any other.  That post been viewed 1,012 times. Why and by whom, I don't know. I also don't know if the view was a mistake, whether the viewing did the viewer any good or meant much.  Advanced web page analysis can tell how long a user hovered over a portion of the page and other details. I don't have any advanced analytic tools.

The settings information on posts say that the blog web page has been viewed 138,799 times.  That equates to an average of 44 views per page. Statistics says that an average of 44 views would very, very, very unlikely to produce a post that got viewed 23 times the average.  That leading post was published on 2/3/2014 and is about the use of the question mark as a logo and the value in our lives of good questions.

The second most viewed page says merely "Happy April Fool's Day" but the words are written in Chinese.  At least, I think they are are. I don't read or speak or write Chinese but I put the words into Google Translate and copied and pasted them in to the blog.  That page was published on 4/1/2014 and has been viewed 725 times. That number is equally suspicious from the standpoint of stat analysis. I know there are many, many Chinese but the number of page views is very suspiciously greater than the average.  

Just to show the drop in frequency, the data say that the third most viewed page, of 11/16/16, was viewed 276 times.  That is many times the average but not totally outlandishly so. That post is about the value of reading books on the Kindle reader and the many conveniences Kindle offers.

There is a search window in the upper left corner of the blog web page https://fearfunandfiloz.blogspot.com/  In the lower left corner is an archive of all the posts in order by date.

Here is are links to

  1. Most viewed: https://fearfunandfiloz.blogspot.com/2014/02/blog-post.html

  2. 2nd most viewed: https://fearfunandfiloz.blogspot.com/2014/04/blog-post.html

  3. 3rd most viewed: https://fearfunandfiloz.blogspot.com/2016/11/handling-books.html

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