Sunday, April 16, 2017

Tracking them down

The idea of underlining to note good content led me to look again at my reading list from 1980.  I wondered which books had meant the most and would probably have the most underlining, had I been an underliner.  In a course I taught where we reviewed the books we had ever read during our whole lives, I usually listed these books as important in my life and thought:

Kemeny - Introduction to Finite Mathematics

Lewis - Mere Christianity

Barzun - The House of Intellect

Holt - What Do I Do Monday?

Macrorie - Uptaught

Thoreau - Walden

As I read over the list, I ran into a couple of titles I wanted to look over again.  

Pelletier - Mind as Healer, Mind as Slayer

Short - The Gospel According to Peanuts

I just learned a little about Joanna Macy, a Buddhist Quaker environmentalist. I looked her up and found that she is 87 years old.  She has quite a few books, including an autobiography "Widening Circles (2007)".

Pelletier, Short and Macy are all books that are a bit too old and too specialized to be in Kindle form so I thought I would stop by the university library and borrow copies.  I found that the building was locked but a young man emerged so I asked if the library was closed.  "No, the person forget her key."  I waited and a woman did come to the doors and unlock them.  

She seemed a bit distracted.  I asked her if she had misplaced her keys.  She thought she had left them in a jacket by accident.  I was reminded of bizarre circumstances in 1967 when my keys were picked up by accident and caused a stir for a short time.

I did download my Google Searches using Google Takeout and found them mildly interesting.  I remembered some of what I was doing when I made those searches a few years ago.  I see, though, that passing time more or less blends the urgent searches and the casual searches together, the hot moments and the cool moments into one great pile.

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