Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Trying in vain to store the past

I recently read of the new Blogger gadget (aka app) called Featured Post.  I can insert it on my blog's web page and insert a earlier post as the feature, alongside the actual post of the day.  I used a photo of Lynn's recent bisque firing and then switched to my 2014 Christmas/ New Year's post.

I have 5 lists of prompts that I can use for writing a blog post.  When one gets too long and cumbersome, I start a new prompt list.  I noticed that a couple ideas on list 5 brought the total to 365. 

Hey, why not show some discipline and use each prompt in order until they are all used? 

I went back to list 1.  First prompt is on that list is about the names different people know me by.  It's no problem for adults.  They are used to first name, middle name, last name, nickname, relational name ("Mom", "Dad") and formal title "Dr.".  But the process for little kids is tricky.  Even adults can slip up.  A fully grown woman confessed the other day that she called out "Mom" in the big store and nearly every woman turned toward her.  It can be surprising for a child to learn that Grandad is called by many names he never knew about.

I suspected I had written about this subject before.  It is not a crime to write again on the same topic but I was intrigued.  I searched for "Grandad" and yes, on May 20, 2010, I did write "Who?"  Ok, why not write a new post for the next listed prompt and use Who? as the featured post.  I have 2309 posts, including this one.  That is probably more than the programmers allowed for but I finally found a way to insert that post into the featured area.  In doing so, I realized how many posts I have written for this blog.

The purpose of writing is not to make money or to attract readers but to note in an articulate, artful way what is happening in my life and in my head.  Using the various search windows and tools for layout, searching through my mind for ways to do something that makes sense emphasized for me that the slow steady accumulation of ideas and some pictures and diagrams eventually reaches such a volume that I may not be able to remember what I have done.  

One post for each 24 hours puts more into the statements than I have time or energy to read out.  I enjoy my waking up, my breakfast, my partner, my email, my list of appointments, my driving, but I can't put all that into a post.  Over time, I can't read back out all that was happening, all the distractions that stretched out the composition time.  I can see there is no way to have the past, to store the whole past.  And if I could, the index, the filing system itself grows too big and clumsy.

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