Friday, August 28, 2015

He has everything he needs

The other great-grandchildren were interested in shopping after having lunch at a place of their choosing.  But the five year old dismissed a chance to shop for toys or goodies.  "I have everything I need," he said.

He is right.  He is not cold nor dangerously hot.  He is not thirsty, nor hungry.  He has live, healthy, loving parents and other relatives.  He has a seat belt and wears it.  He gets to watch football games and read books he likes.

He is the shame of American marketing, of course.  Having failed to create a deep longing for a secret decoder ring or a smart phone or a superhero cape, it is clear that our economy is looking for a downturn when a five year old is content.  What we will hear from him when he is 20 years older and is looking to start a family or complete his studies, maybe both at the same time, remains to be seen.  It is possible that he will have everything he needs then, too.  

But it will be fine, and expected, if his needs develop.  His children, his profession, his country may be concerns.  He may feel motivated to save, to spend, to build, to learn, to create, to teach.  On the other hand, he may also be able to stay aware that actual needs are small and contained.

I have no fear that he will be overly complacent or lack ambition.  This guy is a living ball of fantastic energy.  He will want to provide his wife and family with companionship, love, material satisfaction and comforts.  So, don't worry about him being overly satisfied.  Just be happy that there are people, even children, who in this country, today, can say they have everything they need.

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