Tuesday, October 21, 2014

two computing ideas

Try a stylus - Lynn saw the Universal 4 in 1 stylus for sale in Wal-Mart for three dollars and bought it for me on a whim.  It is a flashlight, pen, laser pointer and stylus all in one.  The same product is available on Amazon for $10.  I try to carry pen and paper with me at all times but I probably actually use them once a month.  The stylus is just the end of the pen but it has a rubber bubble on it that simulates a fingertip enough that the iPad accepts a tap as coming from a finger.  The object increases one's reach, much as a mop covers a larger area faster that a scrub brush.  The actual tip is smaller than a finger so one's accuracy is better, less tapping a nearby link one didn't want.  Sweat, goo and general dirt accumulate on the touch screen less.  I don't use a smartphone which is smaller than my iPad Mini but I imagine a stylus would be even more important using one.

Sharing a large file, such as a video - Because of streaming, sending bits of a file as needed as in watching a movie, large files can be shared by way of Google Drive or other "cloud" services.  Even with Apple products, you can install Google Drive app for access.  Opening Google Drive, you can select files to upload to the Drive.  Then, you can open sharing of that item and let the general public or specific contacts view or edit the item. You will probably be called on to give yourself a logon and password for a Gmail account if you don't already have one.

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