Sunday, October 26, 2014

Back early, stunned

Door County, Wisconsin, is indeed a county that is also a peninsula.  It divides the waters of Green Bay from those of Lake Michigan, one of the "inland oceans" of world fame.  Door County is a favorite vacation spot all over the Midwestern US.  The small, quaint towns of Egg Harbor, Fish Creek, Ephraim, Sister Bay, Ellison Bay and Gill's Rock are walk-through size.  They are all on the western side of the peninsula while Rowley's Bay, Bailey's Harbor and Jacksonport are on the eastern side. They are filled with restaurants and gift shops.  

Lynn is a nature lover and a half.  She gets energized by any county or state park and there are several in Door County that even I get uplifted by.  With a lovely blue sky and sunshine lighting up the leaves and mosses and rocks and waves, it gets easier and easier to get hypnotized by the beauty.  Things get to a point where just about everything I look at is beautiful.  Except for church steeples, nearly all the buildings are one or two story.  There are no skyscrapers.  There are many log cabins that are the size one man or family might build and live in.  There are some beautiful condos and large houses.

Each of the towns has a waterfront area and compared to Stevens Point, looks to me like a New England sea coast town.  The larger community of Sturgeon Bay, more or less at the beginning of Door County, includes private yacht builders and boats and nautical scenes and equipment are everywhere in all parts of the county.  But the nature lover and a half likes to spend her time on trails, in parks, and beside bodies of water away from people. 

Wikipedia says this about Door County:


According to the U.S. Census Bureau, the county has a total area of 2,370 square miles (6,100 km2), of which 482 square miles (1,250 km2) is land and 1,888 square miles (4,890 km2) (79.7%) is water.[5] It is the largest county in Wisconsin by total area. The county also has 298 miles of shoreline. Locals and tourists alike refer to the area as the "Cape Cod of the Midwest". The county covers the majority of the Door Peninsula. With the completion of the Sturgeon Bay Shipping Canal in 1881, the northern half of the peninsula, in actuality, became an island.

To see the pictures that Lynn took, click here.

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