Thursday, March 4, 2010

Computer online tools - Part II

When writing a post for my blog, at one point, I composed in Outlook, Microsoft's email, and emailed the post to a group of friends and to the blog itself.  As I began to realize what is online and freely available from Google, I have changed my approach.
I open a document in Google Docs and compose.  Then, I copy the post and paste it in Google's email "Gmail".  The best thing about both Docs and Gmail is that if you type something, it is close to 100% likely to be saved.  It can be modified but it won't be lost, which is not as true in Outlook or Word.  Another feature that can be helpful is that any Gmail or Doc is available from any computer in the world that is connected to the internet.  Of course, it is all free.

Another valuable feature of both Docs (word processing, spreadsheet and presentation slides in the manner of Microsoft's PowerPoint) and Gmail is the fast and easy tool for making a link.  A link is the distinguishing feature of 'hypertext', the usual stuff you see on many webpages, where a word can be that word as well as a link to something else if it is clicked on with the mouse.  Making links to what is being discussed makes the worldwide web much more useful and quick to use.

I just wanted to have a place to write comments and explain ideas and that is what a blog (weB Log) is.  I knew that Google offers free blogging sites so I started one. At the beginning, I had no idea that I would be emailing posts to friends or that my blog site on the web would be a good place for me to look over my own selection of others' blogs what I want to keep track of.  I am now up to 18 blogs that are kept current on my site.  Each day, I check into my site to see what blogs have new posts and what they are about.


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