Tuesday, November 24, 2009

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This blog is now available on the Amazon Kindle.  I doubt if you want to pay $1.99 a month to read it there but you could.  You can have it for 14 days on a free trial if you want.
I didn’t realize that getting “Fear, Fun and Filoz” on the Kindle, you get it in a form that enables the reader to look at all 200 posts, not just that day’s.  As with all periodicals, the next day’s post will over-ride the current one unless you add it to My Clippings.
My blog and 70 million others are all free on the internet.  The Google blog search helps you locate current blogs on topics of interest.  But most of the ones I follow regularly came to my attention by reading others or noting links from one I liked.  The most regularly pleasurable is The Writer’s Almanac but the 8 Amazon blogs and the 12 Wired blogs have tons of interesting items.  Not every day but very often.
I had little interest in blogs but when I got a Kindle, my nephew Mike recommended I try getting an Amazon blog on it.  It is a lot like getting the daily newspaper delivered to your house.  Only in this case, the new paper automatically destroys the yesterday’s paper so you don’t have papers all around your house.  That could be a good thing or not, depending on how you want to handle things.
I got tired of paying a fee to see on the Kindle what I could have for free on my computer so I started using Google’s ability to link blogs I was interested in to my own blog page.  It makes a good place to see the latest on the blogs I am following.
RSS (‘real simple syndication’) and tools to “feed” the latest entry to some location such as my blog page seemed unnecessary at first.  But over time, I found that I forgot to look at some of interest and the snippet gives me a chance to decide if I want to bother looking at that blog now or not.
Right now, I have links to 31 blogs in addition to my own.  There are many others, no doubt, among the 70 million that would give me a laugh or a lift.  Over time, I may find some additional ones.  I am happy with myself for already removing two.  They were good ones and worth following but I can’t do, or even look at, everything.

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