Monday, June 29, 2020

Web work with phone and computer

Google newsletters have emphasized over the last few years the increasing role of web traffic by mobile phones instead of computers.  I am not sure what they refer to "mobile phones" with this topic since I suspect that only "smart" cell phones can show images and use web browsers.  Before I got a chance to write today's post, I got a somewhat suspicious email on my iPad.  The display only showed the supposed sender's name but it didn't seem like the sort of message that friend sends.  I went to my computer and looked at the same email message but on the computer, a much more powerful machine than a smartphone or tablet, the sender and the sender's email address were displayed.  It was immediately clear that I was right - this was not a real message from my friend but a fake and one that included a link.  I could go through some maneuvers to check where the link leads but I skipped that.  

The point is that displays and possible actions are not identical on phones and on computers.  The computer is getting to be older fashioned but it is more powerful than a phone and the display can show more.  It wasn't very long ago that I found in my blog settings a section for making the blog look good and easy to use on a mobile phone.  I just looked at my blog on Lynn's iPhone and the display is indeed quite different from the one on a computer.  When I have written about the blog archive and the blog search window and their location on the display, I was describing the computer display.  

There is a choice at the bottom of the smartphone display to see the web version and that version shows a search window and an archive but they don't show in the main phone layout.  

When you look up my website, called "Kirbyvariety", other items come up but the actual display of the site is just about the same on the phone as on a computer.  When following a theme or a subject, you may want to use both a phone and a computer if you can.

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