Sunday, June 21, 2020

Summer solstice and Father's Day

June 21 along with other 21st days is the date that I learned the seasons change.  Here is the "north" we are very aware of warm and cold, even though the cold has not been as severe lately and the warm has been as warm or warmer.  It is not just temperature, of course.  The summer solstice and the tilt of the earth's axis give us longer days and shorter nights, which affects our lives and our moods. 

It seems to me that more daylight hours and the beginning of summer is not an unmixed blessing.  I guess the older I get, the more confidence I have that I can list several positives and several negatives about anything.  In the case of daylight, warmth and seasons, I can't make up my mind whether I am glad to have the solstice or sorry to have the approach to the winter solstice begin already.  

I just saw an article a bit ago on ways to actually be happier and the psychologist recommended three items: acceptance, gratitude and not making an explicit effort to be happier.

 I have found, as many ancient sages in several different times and places have advised, that accepting the way life works, the way I work and the way others behave helps enormously.  I was very pleased to be a husband and a father and I still am.  However, if death, disease or divorce had intervened, I would work on myself to accept that and be grateful for any good aspects that come my way.  

A Google search pinpoints the exact moment of summer solstice as being 

June 20 at 4:44 PM central (daylight) time.  

If you missed it, you can still be grateful to have it and accept its passing and moving on to next year.


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