Friday, June 5, 2020

Eric Barker and dead person goals

Eric Barker has been writing a blog for quite a while.  I subscribed to get a copy of each post by email.  He tries to sift through ideas, philosophy and research to find useful, solid clues for living well.  A blog post of his came today and I learned about "dead person" goals.  

Educators are often aware of poverty and it can be uplifting to find out about resilient people, those who bounce back from a bad break or a nasty hit.

This message is titled "3 Things the Most Resilient People Do Every Day".  It can come by email or it can be read on his website Barking Up the Wrong Tree.  You can see the post with this link:

Dead person goals:

Oh, and no "dead person goals." What's that? A "dead person goal" is anything a corpse could do better than you. They usually take the form of "I need to stop…" Dead people are excellent at not doing things, far better than you are. So transform dead people goals into something more prescriptive like "When I notice myself procrastinating I will do easiest thing on my to-do list."  Basically, the idea is to create goals of what will be done, not what won't be done.

One thing Barker does is summarize the main points of his posts in a summary at the end.  But like all interesting thinkers, it is often the details or side comments that make his ideas interesting and useful.

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