Saturday, March 14, 2020

You are MORE because you are a girl

I read that a champion woman athlete working against sexism and misogyny stated in a public way that "you are not less because you are a girl."  I am writing to state that you are MORE because you are a girl.  

In many ways, males are extra.  It is nice to have them around but the majority of them are not needed.  The book "Fighting for Life" by the Jesuit scholar, Walter Ong, depicts the drives and the pressures of male life.  Males are wired for competition, for attainment, for actions and drives to be noticed. Sure, girls want to be noticed, too.  But you know that the young males of many species work at learning fighting skills. Their lifetime job is to win a place, to have a chance to reproduce.  They are quite willing to put their lives, bodies and health at risk to survive and flourish.

You probably know that women have physical and mental skills and tendencies that give them an edge in communication and in understanding others.  With more than 7 billion humans on the planet, that is exactly the edge that people, organization and countries need. We are actually living in a time of advanced communication among humans so being able to read and understand statements and the emotions and drives behind them is a very precious ability.  

With the human population growing so large, the ability of girls and women to create new humans is becoming less important, maybe even dangerous to human health and future.  But the ability to live while being less in the grip of dangerous pride is something humanity strongly needs. At the same time, the deep need of human males to be loved, to be within earshot of feminine voices, to gaze on female flesh, to be near female bodies continues to be fundamental to male happiness.

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