Saturday, March 28, 2020

What's next?

I read, I watch tv.  You know what happens.  I come to the end of the book.  The tv series ends. What then? Searching, that's what.  Looking over possibilities.

Sometimes, that is not fun.  I have to look at many titles and read many short paraphrases, all to try to pick the next thing to read or watch.  Blurbs are written to lure but it seems that the majority do nothing for me. I suspect that algorithms and suggesters often use continuity as a guide.  If I have read several books about mining, I get suggestions of more books about mining. I like mining but I also like variety.  

I guess it is hard to tell when I want to stay with an author, a character or a subject and when I want a change.  Note to Google and Amazon: the chances are a good and imaginative change will do better. I admit that once in a while I want to continue.  We have been watching NCIS on Netflix and the shows are good. We have probably seen the stories from the 2nd or 3rd season on. So, we are interested in the early shows.  Besides, they are further back in time and quite likely we have forgotten any we did watch. For some reason, series on TV attract us more than additional fictional books that continue in the same setting. 

If we slip in a change, we are often interested in returning to the same character and setting after the change.  We tend to like changing away to something new and then changing from that back to what we liked before. Here is a list of fictional characters I have enjoyed enough to return to:

Whether that web page or some other list, sometimes a list is difficult. When I believe every item is a good choice, how can I choose?  It is like the menu at a good restaurant. It is daunting. I can't order them all - that would be wasteful and expensive. I don't want to not order anything.  So, which one? There is always the coin trick: flip a coin. Heads the first item, tails the second item. I get heads and I feel a little letdown. Ok! Pick #2.  

With a tv show or a book, there is always the chance to stop.  Don't like the show? The book is a drag? Stop! Mrs. Crane is not around to see me simply stop. She can't see me doing poor reading habits.  Same with a tv show. Don't like it? Go elsewhere.

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