Monday, September 24, 2018

New shows

We have a Roku streaming player that receives a signal from our wi-fi.  It is plugged into our Visio tv. We can switch between our cable input and the Roku input but we hardly ever do.  Netflix, Amazon Prime and Acorn supply shows we like and are ad-free. Once in a while, we watch a TED talk or something on YouTube.

Lynn suggested we watch the Foyle's War series again.  It has been long enough since we watched those shows that we don't remember the stories and they are all new to us again.  There are also two new shows that I like but Lynn is not in favor of: Sisters and Kim's Convenience. In Sisters, the very elderly director of a sex and fertility clinic is dying and confesses to the papers and tv stations that he used his own sperm to fertilize 103 women who came to the clinic for help.  We find out that his action resulted on 3 female babies and 100 male babies. That was roughly 20 years ago and now we are finding who is related to whom.

Kim's Convenience is the story of a small convenience grocery in Toronto run by Mr. Kim.  I like the story lines and the characters. Recently, Kim and Mrs. Kim went out for the evening and their adult son ran the store.  A teen came in and threatened the fit, wily son with a knife. The son made a deal with the robber to purchase the robber's knife. Good storyline, good show. Just as with any other family, Korean-Canadian families have changes between generations in views and goals, sometimes leaving both olders and youngers puzzled and mixed-up.

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