Thursday, September 6, 2018

Let me help you

I have read that many religions advise people to treat others as they themselves want to be treated.  The Golden Rule has certainly been applied in many situations for a long time. It has been tested and it is good advice.  However, sometimes it is difficult to do.

Suppose you are having difficulty accomplishing something with your computer.  We both think that I do similar work on my computer regularly, and you feel that I might be able to help you.  The idea is not for me to use your computer nor mine to do something for you. It is that we would like me to assist you in finding what you are doing against yourself.  Maybe my sharp eyes and experience, coupled with yours, can spot a way for you to learn to do what you want.

You might not fully know what you want to accomplish.  As you try different things and notice possibilities you hadn't known about or thought of, your goal may change.  I may speak to you too often and interfere with your noticing what you and your machine are doing. I may be too long-winded in some of my hints or explanations, keeping you from doing the right steps at the right time. I may get off the track and launch into another telling of that hilarious time that I accidentally turned off my computer at the very wrongest time.  

Sometimes, if I tell you fine details that do lead to the success you want, you follow them closely and with concentration but are unable to remember the steps you performed the next time you try to do the work on your own. There have been times when my passenger gave me instructions to turn here and turn there and I later feared I might not recall which turns to make on my own.

I want to be valuable and helpful to you.  Sometimes, I urge you to let me help you. I can show you a better, more efficient way to accomplish almost the same thing as you want to do. So, while you are trying to work, I am chattering away in an attempt to be valuable, but am actually driving my value down and down.

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