Tuesday, January 9, 2018

"Ten seconds, Chef"

Those words "10 seconds, Chef" were spoken in the Acorn TV streaming of "Delicious".  Acorn specializes in British TV.  Whether it is British, Canadian, Australian or American, I get tired of yet another killer.  I get that it isn't a story until something bad happens.  In "cozy"mysteries, the poisoner of the cat or the murderer of the maid may have already performed the dastardly deed before our story begins.  Or, the awful news may be delivered from offstage by a neighbor or by one officer to another.  Cozies tend to have little or no depictions of gore, pain, torture and such things as disturb us. 

The Delicious program only had a few episodes but caught our attention.  I am trying to be alert to programs that have a good story to tell that is not about blood, death, explosions or dismemberment. Those four are all important but most of our hours do not deal with any of them.  The Delicious story has some good twists and surprises.  The first episode is about a chef who is particular and expert, whose establishment draws diners from distant places in all over Cornwall. 

At one point, the chef asks an assistant when the sauce will be ready and he is answered,"Ten seconds, Chef".  The assistant was stirring steadily and was clearly timing his work very carefully.  As an amateur, 4th rate cook (there are only 4 ratings), I have no dishes or responsibilities that require such accurate and intense timing.  So that response the assistant made to the chef has stuck in my head. Wow! They are really careful.  When I am doing a burst of intensity on an exercycle or timing green tea, I think "10 seconds, Chef" as I watch the seconds slide by.

A little comment in the details of the script spoken by an unimportant character can have surprising resonance.

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