Friday, December 22, 2017

message distortion and degradation

There are "typos" in speech and in hearing as well as in typing.  Without verification and maybe even discussion, it is easy for messages, statements, interpretations and related items in human communication to get distorted.  Some distortion may well be deliberate but I think there is a good bit of it that is unconscious and unrecognized.

Lawyers and interrogators and some married partners are good at uncovering implications and possible associated meanings and conclusions connected to a statement.  

I try to go to the weight room for a short workout three days a week.  I have been told that at my age, going once a week is adequate to keep some good strength while facing the fact that I am withering and no longer look like a prize-winning bodybuilder.  Lately, it has been colder (Happy first day of winter!) and my motivation has slipped some while my holiday session calendar has gotten crowded up. So, despite pretty good intentions, some weeks have gone by without a single trip to weights.  

Yesterday, I kept telling myself I had almost completed my four part program of yoga, sprints, walking and weights.  I felt pretty virtuous and all as I checked in at the entrance desk of the weight room.  The desk attendant was training a new employee.  As I gave him my admittance card, he said to the new man,"This guy comes in every day."  Yikes and double yikes!  I am happy to get there once or twice a week!  I didn't correct the statement but it is possible that the new employee thinks I really show up daily.  I am not that motivated but I am also not dumb enough to overtrain.  I am not that enthusiastic and I think two or three times a week is plenty for my needs and goals.

Our friends are excellent cooks and enthusiastic Christmas cookie bakers.  They wanted to share some of their goodies but they "knew Lynn and I had given up sugar."  Maybe we should have but we didn't.  Just yesterday, we split a giant sandwich cookie Those cookies are too thick to bite.  The icing between the two very sweet cookies is luscious but sinfully rich and sugary.  But it is possible that we are still known for our virtue and self-control and discipline (falsely, very falsely).  As soon as I finish another dish of chocolate malt ice cream, I will tell you about my legendary goal orientation and steely focus.

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