Thursday, December 21, 2017


We haven't mailed any Christmas cards yet.  It is less than a week until Christmas.  We have only a small number of friends that we will mail paper cards to.  We have received ten cards from friends so far and none by email, as far as I can remember.

This is the primary time of the year for contacts, rememberings, touching base and saying Hello.  When I look at the word "rememberings" in that sentence, I think it is more or less non-standard and maybe awkward wording.  Howevever, I I use some odd language, I might cause a pause, a notice, a moment of recognition that I am thinking of a person I want to contact.  It is not a completely hopeless task, even today, to try to express genuine appreciation for someone.  

If you have ever watched "Call the Midwife" on

Amazon or Netflix or PBS or Hulu or YouTube or Direct TV, you know the feeling that each person, each human is a miracle.  

There are people you know that will be surprised that you contacted them but are people you admire or like or wouldn't mind being closer to.  Maybe you can select a few and give contacting them with a card or an email a try.

As we read "Approaching the End of Life", as I read "1917" by Arthur Herman, as I think about politics, civic life, business, education, and medicine, law and health, I meet the power of words over and over.  In today's world of online marketing and advertisement, honest, thoughtfully accurate words are rather rare.  Doubly so for words of appreciation for voice, presence, ideas, inspiration that I get from knowing others.  

You know I have a mainly British ancestry and my upbringing included impulses to be emotional, but restrained at the same time.  It comes naturally to me to attempt to express love, warmth and delight in being acquainted with you.  I bet you can do something like that in your own way with somebody that will be happy to get your words.

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