Saturday, December 30, 2017

Business communications

He found his membership card had his middle initial wrong.  He called the customer service number.  There were other customers keeping all agents busy but his call was very important to the organization and an agent would be with him shortly.  Within a minute or so, a voice came on and introduced the speaker as "Mike".  

He needed to understand that all calls were recorded for training and transactional improvement.  He suspected that the recordings might be introduced into court proceedings if the organization's lawyers thought they would help.  

He explained to Mike that his membership card had come in the mail but that it stated his middle initial incorrectly.  "It says that my middle initial is "T" but it is actually "B"." Mike stated that he was sorry that the organization had mailed a misprinted card and that he would be happy to help correct the error. Mike asked him to give verifying information to establish that the caller was really who he claimed to be.  He stated his name, address, ZIP, phone number and email address.  Mike said he had found the account in question, including his middle initial.  

"Sir, we have your middle initial as "T".  Now what do you say it actually is?"

"My middle name is Bertram.  My middle initial is "B", as in basketball."  

"I am sorry, Sir.  What did you say about basketball?  

"I said my middle initial is basketball - No! - I mean my middle initial is B."

"Did you say your middle initial is P?"

"No, B, as in the word 'basketball'."

"I understand, Sir.  You want a membership card mailed to you bearing your corrected middle initial on it, a "B".  

"Yes, that is correct."

"Very good, Sir.  Is there any else I can do for you today?"  

He could think of dozens of things that Mike might do, things that needed doing, but he doubted that Mike would agree to do them. Additional dozens of actions might be performed by Mike that he didn't want at all.

"No, thank you.  A corrected card will be fine."

"Sir, if you wish to stay on the line, we have a short survey.  We would like to have your opinion of our service today."

He hung up.

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