Sunday, September 3, 2017

I am getting to be too much

Some people have said that over the years.  But I am still not on Instagram nor Pinterest. Keeping up with Twitter and Fear, Fun and Filoz (my blog) and email is getting to be too much.  I am getting older, my energy and eyesight are dwindling.  You think that I will check all my stuff but even if I do, I may forget what you sent well before we meet again.  

I am not complaining, just explaining.  More and more, communication may be too complex for me and my friends to handle.  And yet, I have made it worse still.  As usual, I have found a way to blame my wife, an old practice reaching back to Genesis.  She finds great stuff on Facebook and lovingly shares the best of it with me.  Without her sharing, I would not know that a 13 year old is running for the governor of the state of Vermont.  I would not know a front-row free world executive has leaked to the public that ISIS, the Muslim would-be caliphate, was founded by that surprising pair: Obama and Hillary.

With bait like that, you can't blame me for being open to creating a better, faster pipeline of information to myself.  I promised I would limit myself to just her as my one friend on Facebook.  Sure, there are a billion users and I am a friendly person but I could limit myself to just her and it would be fast and easy for her to let me know about great shots of a sleeping dog or other things that might warm our hearts.  

Ok, is 68 friends all that different from my goal of just one?  There are people that Facebook suggested that I just couldn't say No to.  I am going to be lazy, I just know it.  So, don't be surprised if I don't post anything on Facebook or even realize you have posted.

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