Monday, May 29, 2017

Sliding around

Our new flooring is installed.  It is fake wood and quite shiny and smooth.  It shows every speck of dust but it doesn't grip or impede the furniture that way rugs do. So, we are now in position to slide and twirl while seated or lying down.  We will soon take lessons to develop our sofa skiing.  With a running start and accuracy, we expect to be able to slide right out of the front door and down the driveway.  


We envision twirling parties.  Maybe about 8 diners around our table, all slipping and sliding this way and that.  It ought to be fun if we can avoid too much damage or getting hurt.  We will give each guest a little test to avoid irritating any pre-conditions or motion sickness.  Our grandkids and their children are willing to police the area, stop speeders and rescue those who overdo.  


It should be fun but we don't want to this to get out of hand.  We can see how some people might develop too much fun and have difficulty returning to a standstill.  We have a spreadsheet set up to keep track of who has been twirling so we avoid inviting anyone more often than would be prudent and healthy.


We do plan to limit the beer and wine so that twirling and alcohol don't combine to give anyone trouble driving home.  The floor is quite comfortable and we plan to restrict those who need it to a savasana posture, flat out on the back, until the room stops spinning on its own and the stomach settles down.  I bet we are going to be all the rage!

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