Saturday, May 20, 2017

Saturday morning with body and mind

Saturday often turns out to be the time of the week that I am most behind in writing.  I like to send out a post around 6:30 each morning, one written the afternoon before.  Sometimes a given post has inspired quite a lot of thought and frequently one or more Google searches.  But Friday is often a day of special events and Saturday morning rolls around, as this one has, without a post being written.  

I get more email stuff than I read, almost of of it writing that I have requested.  The email that comes with a given person's name attached is a small portion, 25% or less, of what comes in.  The New Yorker, the Wharton School of Finance, Google News, the Pew Foundation, the Brookings Institution, Stevens Point Journal - they and more have multiple writers that produce well-written statements, messages and articles regularly.  There is a ton of good stuff but often I am simply not in the mood to read it or I am concentrating on something else.  Most of what I skip or delete, I can recover if it suddenly turns out that I need it or want it.

Most Fridays I meet with a few retired professor friends to discuss one or more philosophical questions or issues, often having to do with religion.  I did that yesterday.  I am trying to get through Pamela Paul's "My Life with Bob: Flawed Heroine Keeps Book of Books, Plot Ensues" while continuing to get some exercise in.  We both enjoy some streamed cable television in the evenings and that takes an hour or so.  So, as for many other people, there is a great deal going on.  

I haven't mentioned my excellent son-in-law's birthday (You should be so lucky as to have such a guy in your family!), the particular theme of yesterday's philosophy group, the endlessly hot issue of national American politics, Lynn's horrible accident with her contribution to the food for the Gallery Q reception, and several other topics that you really need to know about.

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