Monday, May 1, 2017

Lynn's pottery and Google Photos

Lynn is a member of a local artists cooperative called Q Gallery.  They spent many hours recently changing the show in their place.  It featured high level woodwork but they changed the whole space into areas where the different artists and their various media are more concentrated.  

I knew that they were re-doing the whole gallery and I wanted pictures of them at work. The scene is quite different, of course, from the usual serene and polished display.  Carpentry, hammering, drilling, painting - all needed and all productive but the chic calm usually available by just walking in the front door.

My iPad mini is a fine tool for quick photos of high quality.  So, I got some pictures of the artists redoing the place and some of the final result.  I like to make use of Google Photos.  I can get pictures into my collection and see them from all sorts of devices.  It is a big convenience to be able to transmit a link to an album of shots instead of trying to transmit each one as an attachment.  Take a look at the Q Gallery on Main Street in Stevens Point during re-do and after.

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