Monday, May 22, 2017

Follow up on starting a Bob or Favorites list now

I personally am not attracted to recording every book I have read.  For me, there is too much variation between one book and another.  I retain personal permission to stop at any point with any book.  Also, to resume or repeat reading at any point in any book at any time. It is my reading after all and my time and my life.

When I finished "My Life with Bob" on Kindle yesterday, I got an immediate invitation to comment on the book on a Kindle page.  I also got an email from "Goodreads" asking if I wanted to rate the book and giving me comments others had made on the book.  I found that distasteful, intrusive and way premature. I immediately unsubscribed from that business!

I might take a month to feel out what I got from a book, where I have grown from it, where I have been hurt by it, where and what I disagree with, what I want to look into further and follow up on.  Mind you, all of that is temporary and I know it is.  Two years from now, I may find I have gone over and over what the book said, or failed to say, or said provocatively.  On the other hand, it is very likely that I will have totally forgotten about the book.   

I did teach a good course that reviewed the books read by the students at any time in their lives.  Naturally the question arose: What books had I read?  Where was my list?  I have a long list but it was books that I thought would be of interest to teachers, perhaps enriching their thinking, their lives and their teaching.  Here is a link to the list I used in my classes:

That list is pretty old so the books on it are pretty old.  Of course, the Bible is pretty old and so is "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer" (1876), depending on what you mean by "old".  With books, old can be ok, good even.  However, what was available in 1983 is not what was available later.  So, I made a second list:

You may or may not find it useful to look over those lists or to make your own.

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