Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Art, hobby or marketing?

Art, hobby or marketing?  I am already overweight so I don't need more food.  I drink enough water and coffee and alcohol and my car runs well.  My roof is in good shape and the furnace is fine.  I have taken trips recently and I get good tv programming every night.  What do I need money for?  

Yet, if I am not awake and aware, I can slide into capitalistic activities.  Ending workday teaching and online teaching left me with more time.  One way to try to stay alert to how I pass the time and what events come along is to write something each day.  If I write intelligently and maybe humorously, the writing might be of interest to others.  These days, it is easy and inexpensive to publish writing so I blog.  

I like Google and my experience using their programs.  I don't have any doubts that Gmail and Search and Blogger and Drive and Docs and Sheets and Form and Slides and Photos and Voice and News and Translate are terrific and my current way of living owes plenty to them and their parent companies.  In addition to Google, there are many ways to write and publish, not even counting the traditional way of contacting a book publisher or publishers of magazines or newspapers.


Whether you are a writer, blogger or potter like my wife, there are many ways to sell your productions.  It can be seductive to "measure" performance, as with Google Blogger's pageview statistics.  So far today, Google reports 166 viewers of my blog in Russia, 15 in France and 1 in India.  Since there are well over a billion Indians and another billion Chinese, I have a long way to go to attract more Indian and Chinese readers.  But the thing is I am not trying to attract them or anybody else.  I want to continue to write to examine my daily life (inside my head and outside).  

Lynn makes bowls and ceramics:


She likes to.  But her wares take up room and she also likes the compliment and the lift she gets when someone buys her creations.  Both of us could begin concentrating on getting more audience or more sales.  We could develop "metrics', measures that we strive to increase: more sales, more viewers.  She could turn from the playful exploration of pottery possibilities to watching sales and planning more attractive products to sell more.

There is a steady possibility of switching from fun to money and people in a position to stay with fun and exploration are relatively few.

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