Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Storing and revisiting yourself

I don't think I have any friends who can't read and write English.  I even have some friends who can read and write in another language as well.  I can't but I wish I could.  I have read that learning and using a second language would be good for my brain.

Many of my friends are readers.  They may tend to read fiction or politics, newspapers and magazines and some are broad readers of history, science and other subjects.  But few seem to have a habit of writing.  As far as I know, one person I know writes an occasional blog post.  There may be journals or diaries being kept but another person, such as me, won't get to see them or read them or share the thoughts expressed in them.

So what?  Do I need to read what my friends are thinking about?  No, I don't NEED to.  I don't NEED to keep breathing but it will help my life if I do.  It will help my life if I get my mind enriched by what my friends think and don't think.  We don't have to live in each other's pocket but there is a good chance that an idea, a source they run into, a problem they solve will be of interest or an aid to me as well as them. 

I recommend a blog and a web site for everyone, especially for those over 60 or 70.  By the time you are older, you have enough experience and memory to know about other times and places.  You have judgment, calm, and imagination.  But come on, there are hundreds of books, periodicals, movies, music compositions, podcasts, etc.  Why would I need to know about what you happen to think? Don't fall for that line of thinking.  You already know you are unique.  Nobody but you has ever lived just where and when you have.  Nobody but you has just the line of thinking and reactions and impulses you have.  Besides, I know you way better than I know Jon Stewart or Billy Shakespeare.  You are current and somewhat like me.  Your opinions and reactions and experiences are more relevant to my life.

If I came over for tea, you would tell me what you are thinking about: yoga, health problems, taxes, a trip.  So how about letting me know without the trip and the tea?  Use email or man/woman up and start a free blog using Google Blogger and a web site using Google Sites.  You can start with my sister's message:

Dear Bill,

Here are all the reasons I don't write a blog of my own.

1.    I don't want to

See?  Something short and sweet.  A few notes later, you will be writing about your car or your parakeet.  It'll be fun.

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