Monday, April 3, 2017

Oh, what about the cleaning?

We have been doing housework for more than 50 years.  So, what bliss to have it done by a professional!

But we are used to procrastinating.  We are used to doing a little bit and then maybe a little bit more tomorrow.  She comes through and it's all done!  Now what about our procrastinating?  What about our guilt?  What are we going to do with the time on our hands, those moments when we would have been vacuuming and dusting?

We thought it would be so nice to have someone do our housework for us and we were right.  It is very nice but we are used to berating ourselves, a little in the morning when we should get right to it but don't and then a little in the evening for not getting right to it before or at that time.   We are in the habit of grabbing a little piece of guilt with shame icing and bolting it down.  Now we are prevented by the facts of the matter and we keep surprising ourselves.

We do believe we will get used to the new circumstances and stop uselessly urging ourselves to at least get part of the jobs done. Eventually, we will stop looking over our shoulder and sending ourselves to the cleaning supplies.

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