Thursday, April 6, 2017

Let's communicate in the modern way

Here's how it can work. When I send you a message, you can send me a message and ask if I just sent you a message.  If I answer that I did just send you a message, then you can send me a message asking if the message I just sent was the one you just received.  Once I verify that what you received is what I sent, then go ahead and read the message from me.  Try to be careful not to read some other message while thinking it is the one from me.  

I will try to write messages in the modern format, which could be called "clickbait messaging."  You have probably gotten messages from others that say "The best 19000 books of the week!  Click here."  You are used to the screen showing something other than the first dozen titles of this week's best 19000 books.  It is an ad for automobile tires and it shows a banner in the top right corner that says "Skip this ad in ___ minutes" with blank filled in by decreasing digits."  After 8 long minutes, the ad goes away and you get to see the first five of this week's best 19000 books.  

Communication in the contemporary format is correlated with impressive levels of blood pressure, loud snarls and shouts of naughty words.  It has gotten to the point that we are using up our naughty words faster than they can be replaced.  You may find that today's communication modes require use of imaginative and descriptive language.  The old days when you just scream out a four letter word are over.  Our modern style of communicating requires original descriptions of states of anger and frustration.  Try describing how you feel about having the text you have clicked on to read hidden for another 8 long minutes behind a picture of your least favorite reality show participant touting ibuprofen or North Dakota wine.

I think I am ready to move to the next level (often called "kicking it up a level") where I am paid by the click.  I want to maximize my income and intend to have my staff create web pages bearing one letter of the next word.  You want to read more?  Click to see the next letter of my message. 

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