Sunday, December 18, 2016

The sound of one hand writing

It is too boring to always write with one hand.  The same hand dragging the pen across the paper, over and over.  Don't you want to break into something new?  You probably have two good hands, hands that have served you well over the years.  Why not let both of them in on the game?

As I see it, you have at least two new paths you could take.  Say, you are right-handed.  I have read that something like 90% of people are.  I think it is still a mystery why we tend to favor the right hand but I may be out of date.  But if you are right-handed, try writing with your left hand.  It will be difficult, embarrassing even.  But that is ok.  If you can let the tension and the shame of child-like letters go, you may quickly be somewhat surprised that you can do that well at making readable writing.  Well, readable by you, that is.  You can imagine how a little practice every day would improve you.  It might be good for your brain to try the other hand.

Ok, your other possibility is to be a two-handed writer in the way some he-men are two fisted drinkers.  Take the pen, a study one, in two hands.  Like a baseball bat or a two handed sword.  See what you can do with two hands.  Two heads are said to be better than one.  Two hands working together ought to be able to lay out the writing faster and more resolutely than one tired set of digits slaving away. The two-hands together sounds promising, I admit, but I haven't tried it myself yet.  Let me know how it goes.

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