Sunday, December 11, 2016

Google products and services

Yesterday a woman asked me to give a talk on the use of Google Drive and associated services.  

Whether or not you use some other email address, it might be handy to do a Google search on "Gmail" and open the pages to give yourself a Gmail logon name and password.  Many people enjoy testing out their names and ideas to see what Gmail will accept as logon name. My last name is pretty common and my first name is very common.  When I tried to construct a logon name, I got the suggestion "youngerkirby" because that name was not being used in Google's records.  I am not younger so I tried "older" and it was accepted.  I enjoy having a password that relates to my life.  So I might write "Today is the first time I tried to have a Google password".  That sentence translates into TitftIt2haGp and I imagine that would serve as an ok password.

Google operates on web pages, not much in your actual computer.  That can be a pain if you can't get a connection to the internet.  But it can be a very good thing if you can.  It generally means that any computer or other device like a smartphone gives you access to all your stuff.  From a PC to a Mac to a Linux based computer, if you can get to the internet, your text and pictures and sound files and video files are all available.

I often think that a person could get a legitimate PhD in just Google products and services.  There are about 40 of them.  For many people, some of them are not of interest.  I guess that few people would be interested in all of them, just as few people would be interested in all the products for sale in a standard American supermarket or for sale by Amazon.  Still, with a single logon name and password, you can try out all the stuff Google offers at no cost.

A good place to look over what the Google possibilities are is here:

I write my posts using Google Docs and save them on Google Drive.  I do paste them in Microsoft Word because I like the way it works to read my post aloud while I listen for errors.  I paste the approved version back into the Google Doc document for that day.  I paste it in a Gmail and send it out.

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